Consciously Kind Women - Gret

Our Consciously Kind Women series is an exploration into the lives of the women who inspire us. We have talked to a diverse collection of women who are leading the way in kinder business and sustainable living. They have shared their secrets and advice with us. 

Gret is our first consciously kind woman! Having previously worked for luxury brands she's integrating her passion for sustainable living and teaching yoga with her experience by launching her own wellness business and consulting for sustainable brands. She has given us some tips.

What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in your career so far?

This too shall pass. One of my mentors shared this mantra with me when I came back to work after my 2nd pregnancy. I was trying to manage a new role, colleagues who became direct reports and life as a working mum. It was all a bit overwhelming to say the least. I started saying this mantra to myself and things seemed to fall into place. It’s really helped me in business and in life; managing the ups and downs. Recognising that it will pass means just accepting the moment as it is.


What are your top tips for sustainable living?

Take a moment to be still - a few minutes of stillness daily gives you the clarity needed to make better choices. Another tip is to do something. There is so much advice out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Make a decision and act, even a simple commitment like not buying plastic water bottles can have a ripple effect and a longer term impact on the planet.