Consciously Kind Women - Emily

We spoke to Emily about her philanthropic side hustle and where she meets like-minded people who are interested in protecting the environment and social impact.

10x10 Philanthropy hold events to support innovative, grassroots charities in major cities around the world. 

In her spare time Emily works with 10×10 to help them start a worldwide movement to empower the next generation of giving. In the last three months they have managed to pivot their model from 100% in person to 100% online. 

The Conduit opened its doors in London only a few years ago. They describe themselves as a community of people changing the world. Their members are entrepreneurs and creatives bringing together knowledge and ideas for positive impact.

The ingredients they source for their restaurant are all sustainably sourced, as are the materials they've used in their beautifully designed space. Each piece of furniture is made by independent craftspeople from the UK. They have a rotating gallery curated by Workplace Foundation, a charity supporting emerging and under-represented artists, and their hand-dyed carpets and natural materials are sourced from specialist artisans across South Africa, Swaziland, Morocco and beyond.