Our Handwoven Textiles

The traditional craft of handwoven fabrics is where our family business started. Our love for denim is at the heart of what we do but there is something beautiful in the slow and skilled work these artisan masters produce that needs to be cherished and preserved. 

There's nothing quite like the rhythmic sounds of the masters at work on the handlooms. The work is slow but steady but the results well worth the wait.
Pakistan’s tradition of weaving on hand looms goes back 5,000 years. Wanting to preserve that heritage and skill, we have installed antique looms in our factory and employed local artisan hand weavers, who make small runs of fabric for our collections on these looms. By buying traditional old hand looms and placing alongside some of our partner mill's modern machines we wanted to show that they can exist in the same space and work to compliment each other. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, it can take up to two hours to weave a single yard of fabric. We also weave our denim wastage into new fabrics to create one-off special pieces.